Saturday, March 29, 2008

Time Out!!!!!!!!!

I have to take a short break from "Shelby's wedding" to concentrate on "Lindsey's wedding". Lindsey is one of Shelby's BFFs and I just adore her. They went to high school together and have stayed close, even though Lindsey now lives in Atlanta. That's Lindsey....there to the her Charleston Chapeau bridal shower last month...what fun! She's holding the shrimp and grits she made....I'm using this photo and her recipe in my cookbook!
Lindsey is getting married on April 12th in Charleston, SC, one of the most beautiful places I've ever been. All of her friends, and most of the parents, are going! That is a true testament to how much this young lady is loved!
I never imagined, back when I was doing her makeup for ring dances and proms, that someday I would be doing her wedding flowers! Heck, it was hard to imagine any of them ever growing up and getting married! Especially so fast!
But they did...and she is....and I'm excited to be involved! I remember when she first asked me to help and my heart skipped a beat.......then when she told me her colors were Tiffany Blue and Deep Red, my mind started racing with ideas. There was little need for my ideas.....Lindsey is, unlike Shelby, quite decisive and knows exactly what she likes and doesn't like. That's a good thing for me......if I can reproduce in life what she explained to me in words, there will be no disappointment! I would hate to disappoint her!

So.........there's lots to do in less than two weeks. I've been working on the wishing tree...I'll add a pic when it's done. The flower order is placed.....I have several locations to visit to pick up different things....and then we leave on April 10th! I can't wait to see Charleston again! I'll take lots of great pictures to add to the blog!!
I'm sure I'll post again before I leave.....but if you don't see me around, I'm busy making a wedding!
By the way, this is a mock up of her centerpiece flowers.....the tables are long, 18 people on each side....18 centerpieces per table, with votives in square glass holders. It should be beautiful!


  1. the centerpieces look GORGEOUS!!!

    can't wait to see you in Charleston!

    love, courtney

  2. The flowers are going to be BEAUTIFUL!! I cant wait!