Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Colors dancing in my head.......

So.....after Shelby mentions the "watermelon and kiwi" color scheme, I decide to go to Norfolk Wholesale Floral to see what our flower options are........very few flowers come in "watermelon"......and there are quite a few that come in "kiwi" imagine that!
Too bad Shelby doesn't like gerbera daisies, because there's one that is watermelon AND kiwi...we'll see where that goes!
Soooooo.....Norfolk Wholesale is on the hunt for "watermelon" flowers for the bride who was almost born in their store! They all seem to have a vested interest in her wedding.....I can't walk in without someone saying, "how's Shelby?"...."has she picked her colors yet?". And, get this....they already know that they have to ship her flowers to San Antonio!!!
To end, I haven't quite gotten the "watermelon/kiwi" wedding pictured in my head yet, but I just love the color combination! We'll see where this goes!

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