Saturday, March 22, 2008

You're Cordially Invited......

cor·dial /ˈkɔrdʒəl or, especially Brit., -diəl/ Pronunciation Key [kawr-juhl or, especially Brit., -dee-uhl] –adjective 1. courteous and gracious; friendly; warm: a cordial reception. 2. invigorating the heart; stimulating. 3. sincere; heartfelt: a cordial dislike. 4. Archaic. of or pertaining to the heart. –noun 5. a strong, sweetened, aromatic alcoholic liquor; liqueur. 6. a stimulating medicine. 7. anything that invigorates or exhilarates. Well, I think that pretty much defines how we feel about this invitation should be gracious, friendly, warm, stimulating, heartfelt....and we should pick them out while enjoying an aromatic alcolholic liquor, while making sure we have plenty of BCs for afterwards...sounds exhilarating....and I'm invigorated at the thought!'s one I like....not the colors, but the fold: I like this one mainly because of the's different and I haven't seen it before. I also love how they took the initial and put them back to makes a heart! "S" would do the same thing, but I have a feeling that wouldn't be something Shelby would like..... Nah....I still think I like the one in the blog below best.....I love that size and fold. I think Shelby wants a belly band around it though.....we'll keep you posted!

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