Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I am so green.....

....and it has nothing to do with drinking too much green beer or being jealous. We had a wonderful St. Patricks Day dinner....Shelby and Justin came over (I just love when they visit!!!) and we filled our plates with corned beef, cabbage, roasted potatoes and warm biscuits. We broke out the green food coloring and toasted the Irish with green beer, and, yes, green wine....and even a green vodka & tonic!

But my curiosity was peaked when, before dinner, I was showing Shelby some of the "mock ups" I was making for her to look at.....I had a swatch of "green" and Justin picked it up and said, "is this the color green you're using?". Ooops......I didn't mean to surprise him....in fact, I'm sure I didn't have the color right. As Shelby walks to the pantry to grab a cracker to snack on, he says he likes the color of the cracker box.......it's kind of a Christmas green....which I like......but I hadn't thought of it before as a wedding color.

Anyway, it sent us all in yet another direction to consider, which I think is a good thing.....but I could see in Shelby's face that we'd better table the "color thing" for now. But she did announce that she is "almost" sure that her wedding colors will be black, green (lime? kiwi? jade?) and white. Decisions, decisions, decisions......but I'm not sure I'd place my bet on the Christmas green. I love you, Justin....and I love Christmas green....but only at Christmas (Of course, I love you ALL of the time!). But if you look at the colors above, the one to the far right is, to me, a Christmas green............but if you just go to the left a little it gets much better!

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