Friday, March 7, 2008

One more thing......

This is the picture I sent to her to try to figure out if I have her vision correct in my head.....I think (I think you'll be seeing that word alot in the coming days) that this is basically what she wants, except she wants the top of each tier to be slightly rounded and she wants the hydrangeas to be all white and she doesn't want the ribbon and she wants them to be separated a bit more and she wants the hydrangeas to be flush with the tier above them.

Now I know that seemed like a long list of things to change with this cake, but c'mon long would that list have been with the ones in the pics she sent to me?

Yes, I'm blessed with the most incredible daughter in the world! I love laughing with her and I love living in the same world with her! She's has been a mother's dream....she will be the most beautiful bride....and she is going to make Justin the luckiest man in the world (and vice versa!!). I love you, Shelby.....Mom XOXOXO

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