Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Somewhere IN the Rainbow.....

I would never have thought that choosing the color palette for her wedding would be so difficult! I guess having heard "pink" soooo many times over the years, I assumed that would be the direction we would head. But now I'm watching her anguish over this decision.....ahhhhh, my indecisive one! But I get it....once you choose those colors, there's no turning back...or turning around....and they do have to be just right! She started off with pink and orange.....what great colors.....fun colors!!! But they don't really express Shelby and Justin....they're definitely Shelby! So once she realized that this was about both of them, she put the pink and orange in the closet (I'm sure we'll all see it again someday though) and headed into a new direction.....round, and round, and round she goes............now we're looking at black, white and green! Great, great color combination. Very grown up and classy....and different...and, after all, she is Irish!!!! Back in my day no one would've thought there would be green flowers! But there are LOTS of them! I still say she should add a touch of pink somewhere! Wouldn't the pink shoes look great, Shelby! I just can't wait to see what colors we consider next!

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