Thursday, March 6, 2008

I'm a blogger!!!!

Now that doesn't sound very nice, if you ask me.....but having lived for more than 50 years (not much more though!), and having been at the starting line of modern technology AND raised 2 children that managed to swim through it all WITHOUT water wings, I will believe that "blogging" is a good thing, so I'm IN! ....but it still doesn't sound like something I should really be doing and, if I were much younger, I wouldn't tell my Mom and Dad that I do it! Soooooo......Shelby's getting married! Wow.....that's the first time I've "typed" it and I got all tingly! Of course, most of that is due to the fact that she has found just the type of man I could have hoped for...and more!!! And now that she has a blog, I thought I should have one, to what I have to say....well, we'll see!I'll sign off for now, since I'm not sure where to go with this......and I will ponder what I will say next. But keep in mind that those who have the same blood coursing through their bodies as I, don't normally go for very long without saying something! See you soon!!!

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