Friday, March 7, 2008

Here we go......

We've been emailing each other this morning....mostly about the wedding cake. I think I'm starting to understand how this "wedding planning for my daughter" process is going to go.
She has told me several times that she wants a white cake.....tiers rounded.....white hydrangeas between the tiers, but tight and inline to the tier above them. Sooooo.....these are the pictures she has sent to me this morning to help me better understand what she wants.......all of these cakes are what she has sent to me to depict "white, rounded edges, white hydrangeas between tiers".
I think I know what she's trying to show me....I think it's the way the top edges of each tier are slightly rounded....she doesn't like the sharp edges (you don't get them with fondant covered cakes anyway). As for the rest of the cake, well, I'm not sure......I just hope that we don't end up with a wedding cake that has polka dots, stripes, butterflies and feathers......then I will just have to wonder if they mixed my baby up with another in that newborn nursery!
Note to Shelby: I think I get it, hon......don't worry, everything will be absolutely gorgeous. It's has to be! I love you.....all of you! (I'm smiling...")

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