Friday, April 25, 2008's been a while!!!

We had a great trip to Charleston.....a couple of mishaps, but everything turned out beautifully! To start with, we picked up the 1100 carnations, 200 rose, the peonies and hydrangea and started out 7 hour trip to Charleston. Melinda and Anna followed us and we made a couple of stops along the way to grab a bite to eat, go to the restroom and stretch our legs. When we arrived, we went immediately to the condo we rented.....great place...plenty of room for all of us and lots of space to work on the flowers. We immediately immersed all of the flowers in fresh water, unpacked and relaxed. The next morning we started working on the arrangements and the carnations were almost all buds AND they were the tiniest carnations I'd ever seen. Panicking, we started calling every florist in town and rounded up more carnations and then bought more roses, just in case. All of the flowers turned out beautiful, but poor Lindsey's bouquet suffered immensely after taking pictures all day in 80 degree weather. The peonies held up find, but the hydrangea went completely limp!!! I had actually ordered more of the hydrangea, but when I picked up the flowers there was a lady there who had forgotten to order her hydrangea and I shared mine with her!!! Argh! Since we were stuck in traffic (horrible in Charleston!), the girls walked to the reception area and grabbed Lindsey's "throw bouquet", which was made of white mini carnations, and redid her looked great, but still broke my heart that it wasn't what she had wanted. Lesson learned!!! She loved the reception area, the food was delicious (especially the shrimp & grits!). As soon as the photographer releases the photos, I will post them. We had a great time, although it took me a few days to come down from all of the excitement! Stay tuned for photos!!!

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