Sunday, July 27, 2008

Like Daughter!!!!!!!

I know it's been a long while since I've excuses! Maybe I have a few reasons, but they'd all add up to the same thing.......just like Shelby, I'm a blog slacker! I guess you all know by now that my girl has moved to San has been a real adjustment for both of us and one that hasn't come without many gut wrenching tears! I just can't tell you how very much I miss her. The worst part is that maternal thing that is at the core of me.........if she needs me, I can't just jump in the car and take her a "hug" or some egg drop soup.....or just a nod that her sauce is perfect! Of course, I knew this day would come....and I had a few months to prepare for it, but I didn't. I kept pretending that it wasn't happening...and then it did. I have to admit that it did make it easier to know that in only three weeks I would be flying down to visit her.....sometimes the excitement took my breath away. I could barely concentrate on anything! We had a great soon as we landed I turned on my phone and within seconds it rang with that familiar number that makes me smile. She thought we'd landed about 15 minutes before and was a bit worried about where I was. We talked until I reached the escalator and looked down to see her beautiful smiling face! I could barely wait to feel her hug!!! We were both starved so I suggested Aldacos....I had been there four years earlier on a company trip and had taken a Mexican cooking class there. I wanted her to taste their food! Once we got there and started asking questions about their catering services, we found out that the Sunset Station (which runs Aldacos) has many venues they own within a six block area. We met the catering manager and took a tour. We fell in love with The Spire, which is a stone church built in 1884.....originally we thought it would make a great location for the reception, but then we went to visit the St. Paul Square Courtyard and fell in love!!! We then decided it would be better to have the ceremony at the Spire and the reception in the courtyard. When you step into the courtyard, you feel like you are in a tropical western town....hard to imagine, I'm sure, but trust's PERFECT!!! Below are the pics to prove it......

The Spire Inside The Spire
The Couryard (this is only once SMALL part of the courtyard - we think it would be a great area for cocktails and then later for dancing)
When you stand in the courtyard and look up, this is what you see....what I don't have pictures of YET is what you see standing IN the courtyard.....beautiful mesquite trees, tropical palms.....a gorgeous fountain. I love it.....

Soooooooo.....our first day together in San Antonio was a very productive one!!!! After we left Sunset Station, we headed to the's become a tradition for me to have a cactus pear margarita at the Zuni Grill on the Riverwalk. My first trip there was with Dennis and we discovered this fabulous drink. Shelby sent me a phone pic of her having one on her first trip there with Justin! Wow..........what a great family tradition!!! I think we should have a traditional cocktail for every place we go!

I love Shelby's and Justin's apartment......what a great job they have done at setting up their new home....and it feels just like a home. When I put my bags in my room, I found Texas postcards on the bed.....Shelby's little way of welcoming me to Texas.

I just can't tell you what a great time I had there in my five was the happiest I had been in weeks! It was also wonderful to be able to spend so much time around Justin and I fell more in love with him while I was there. He's such a good human being.....great heart.....sensible.....funny (ohmigosh....I love it when he sings!!!!!!!).....and he is so good for my girl! It was good to see that he loves her.....but it was also good to see that they are real with each other....there's no pretense.....they care a great deal about each other, themselves....and more so, their relationship. I'm a proud mom and a lucky one.

So, leaving was just the most awful thing I'd felt in such a long time. This time it was harder to leave her than it was for her to leave me. I don't know when I will be able to see her again. She's found a great job and so it will be tough to take time off. It's also hard to take off to visit here, when she and Justin want to spend as much free time as possible traveling....and I really want them to. They are in a great location in the US and there is so much down there to see...they need to spend every minute enjoying where they are. In the meantime, we'll call and much as our ideas about everything, including the wedding, food and other stuff....and we'll miss each other (yep, the tears are flowing......).....we'll miss each other alot. But knowing how much she misses me is my reward for having loved her all of my life. If she didn't love me back, she wouldn't miss me, would she? So, I'll take that thought, dry my eyes and go have a my Texans, Shelby and Justin....I love you every day, all day......Mom XOXOXO

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