Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It Seems Like Yesterday.........

...........that we were celebrating your first birthday! I could hardly believe that it had been a whole year! You had learned so much that first year....you even learned to walk at 10 months old! Just in case you don't remember (!), here's your first birthday party:

We kept it small....just you, me, your dad, Granny Galvin and Jim Case. We had just gotten in the night before from taking my first cruise....a Carnival cruise to Nassau! It was fun, but it was the first time I had left you and that part was so hard!

My what a pretty baby you were....and what a lovely young lady you've become! I love you and miss you and hope you're having the best birthday ever!

Love, Mom


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  1. Dear BFF, just wanted to say I loved the weekend , having you back at the cabin was wonderful, let's look forward to year 18! Love, melin