Friday, October 3, 2008

Hanging Out......

I was out on the deck just relaxing and saying, "so long" to the work week and I realized that it won't be long before the deck will be sparse again. I have enjoyed the spring, summer and, so far, the fall watching my flowers bloom and fill the deck with color.
Over the years I've tried every kind of flowering plant known to mankind to put in my pots and hanging baskets. It was a winter pastime to look through magazines and come up with a new and exciting combo for the planters, but for the last three years I've stuck with a winner......angel wing begonias.
The first year I bought red because Dennis is just not fond of pink flowers, but the second year I just couldn't take my hands away from the flat of pink ones! That is one plant in the basket. If it were a larger basket, the plant would have gotten even bigger! Here's one in the pot on the deck.....yep, that's ONE plant, too!

Yep....they are tried and true and I'm confident that my search is over for the perfect plants for our deck. They love the sun (and we get quite a bit of it), unlike impatiens, which I also love. I don't have to "dead head" then like the petunias, which I also love. We tried all greenery one year, but that didn't quite get it for me!

These are just too easy to take care of and so beautiful to look at.........they fill up the deck! They require little care....just a little water and fertilizer now and then. And they don't get angry if you get busy and forget to water them......they are quite drought tolerant!

In previous years I've promised myself that I'm going to cut them back and put them in the garage and I'm making the same promise to myself this year. Then in the spring I won't have to by new ones! They can make it through the winter if they are kept in the garage!

So, it won't be long before the deck will be sparse again, so I'm heading to kitchen for a glass a wine and then to the deck to enjoy it while I can. Have a great weekend!

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