Friday, October 3, 2008

Courtney.....this is for you!

I was at Harris Teeter the other day and bought a stem of white's been in the sunroom, so I forgot I had it! When I walked past it a bit ago I thought of you. This is one stem of cost me $5. I have bought them at different times of the year and they aren't always this full, but I would think they would be in July!
Just an FYI for you.........


  1. Yay! Thanks for the research and shout out...i think we are probably going to go with lovely hydrangeas still...they are my favorite...I just can't say no, and you have definitely made me feel better about Martha's lies about costs!!! <3

  2. Listen, I taught Martha everything she knows! I guess she wasn't listening the day I spoke about hydrangeas! Per stem they are more expensive, but if you're looking for "big", they're a steal!
    This is the time of year to plant new shrubs and trees and hydrangeas should do VERY well in Wisconsin...tell your Mom she needs new shrubs! ;o)