Friday, January 16, 2009

Great Guestbook Idea!

It's all in the details.....and this is one that I am just soooo excited about! I watched the newest Martha Stewart Weddings show, which featured one of her assistants, Liesel Menning. It was an eco-friendly wedding in Franklin, Tennessee and I just loved all of the elements! But the one thing I loved MOST was her guest book quilt! What a fabulous, fabulous idea.....and one I'm hoping I can convince Shelby to do for her wedding!!! (What do you think, Shelby???)

They made a large square in the center with the bride's and groom's initials and wedding date. Then they had smaller squares that guests could personalize with permanent markers. Later they were sewn into a quilt!!!

Isn't this the most fabulous idea??? I mean WHO pulls out their guest book to look at the written names of who was there.....we KNOW who was there! I love this more personal type of guest where guests can leave their sentiments....and with the quilt you'll be reminded on every cold night just who was there and how much they love you!

One of Shelby's closest friends, Lindsey, got married last April and I made a Wishing Tree for her....I just loved the idea and it looked beautiful in the room. And now she has all of these beautiful sentiments from everyone who was there with her and Darren on their special day. That is definitely more special than a guest book with a bunch of signatures!

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  1. Just thought that I would leave a link, in case there are people who don't want to do the work themselves :)