Sunday, September 28, 2008

Weekend in the the cabin!!!

We've just gotten in from Melinda and Brad's log cabin...........we had a great weekend, even though it rained on the way up Friday...through the night....and all day Saturday! It didn't matter because we had plans......big plans!!! Brad brought up the new cabinets for the kitchen and the wood to start the rails on the front porch and the inside stairs. It was a little late when we got in on Friday, so we settled back and caught up on what's been going on. Saturday morning we took off for the restaurant at Mabry Mill (we all love that place!).....Dennis tried the sweet potato pancakes and they were awesome!

After we got back, the guys were ready to get started on the kitchen! We cleared everything out and they sent us to the store to run a couple of errands....Melin and I stopped at Lover's Leap to catch the view......There was no view to be seen, as you can see!!! When we got back, the guys were hard at work and had already put three of the eight cabinets together! Amazingly, they installed (and perfectly, I might add!) all of those cabinets and made temporary countertops just in time for Melin and I to make dinner!!!
As they finished a cabinet, Melinda and I loaded it and we had the place back together by dinner time, so we could relax afterwards. The kitchen looks fabulous and there is soooo much room to store things and lots of counterspace! Melinda says it's nicer than her home kitchen (although I'm sure it won't be for long.....Brad is a "Kitchen Monster"!!
After dinner we all settled down to watch "Sex In The City".....well, almost all of us! The next morning Melin and I made breakfast while the guys started on the railing for the stairs and were done in no time at all....they look great and going upstairs feels alot less scary! Next they took their hammers, saws, drills, nails, screw and level out to the porch to start on the railings around the porch. Since we decided to put a cap on the top (Dennis said he needed someplace to set his beer down), we didn't have enough wood to finish the top railing all the way around or put on the bottom railing....we just added it to the "next time" list! While they drilled and hammered, Melinda and I moved furniture around, hung stuff, cleaned stuff.......and swept. Let me correct that! MELINDA swept.....ALL WEEKEND! If the guys made one cut with the saw, she grabbed the broom....her "broom muscles" have to hurt after this weekend! The Grin Sweeper!
Everything looks great!!! I gave them an old cedar chest of drawers that's been in my garage for four fits perfectly in their room. Once we filled that, it really opened things up. We also put in the headboard for her bed. Their room looks wonderful!
After we had nailed the last nail, moved the last piece of furniture into its place, we had lunch and relaxed a little on the porch before we had to pack and go.....I just hate to leave that place! Sadly, we packed out cars and headed home.....I'm sure Melinda was doing the same thing on her drive home that I was....dreaming of all of the things we'll do on the next trip, and the next trip and the next. I'm just happy that there is one thing she doesn't have to dream about anymore.....owning her own cabin. This is's the one.....and I'm so looking for to making many wonderful memories there. Home Sweet Cabin!!!
Melinda and Brad....thanks for an incredible's one we'll remember always! We love you both! XOXOXO
More Pics of the Cabin!!!


  1. Ahhh, the place looks great! You guys have done sooooo much! It has come a LONG way since my first posting about it when my mom closed on the place and I was able to go up with her. Go look at the difference. Thanks for taking so many pictures so we can all be part of the construction! Can't wait to go up for her birthday in November!