Sunday, September 14, 2008

All is calm..........all is bright.......

As you all know by now, Shelby and Justin survived Hurricane Ike, which wasn't really such a feat considering that it didn't touch them at all! In fact, Shelby called yesterday morning and said, "Mom, there are 7 mph winds, it's 83 degrees and sunny....going to run errands and lay out today!". Can you believe it?? Only 200 miles from such destruction and she couldn't even feel the wind in her hair (no further comment required here!). So.....the only thing they had to survive was me!!! I have a reputation of being overly prepared for such events.....and this time was tough because I wouldn't be there to think of everything for her....and I knew Justin would be on call and she'd be by herself. So I constantly kept her updated on where it was and where it might go....reminded her to get batteries and other words, I was being me again. Of course, I know she's had plenty of practice at weather events living with me and I knew that Justin would make sure she didn't forget anything. I know he loves her and will take care of her....I'm just finding it difficult to cross that line between being the Mom that looks after her to the Mom that watches someone else fill that space in her life. Fortunately, I love and adore the man she's chosen to occupy that space....but more than that, I trust that he will always love and take care of her. So, Shelby, be patient with me if I still act like the Mom I've always been.....I'm working on being the Mom I need to be when you need me and silent when you don't. I will always love you....and, like you, I've fallen in love with him, too! Live life and love life.....Mom XOXOXO

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