Thursday, September 25, 2008

Not So Calm Anymore.....definitely not bright!

We have battened down the hatches and put away everything on the my sunroom is full of begonias!
Hey, I'm not complaining.....I'm an inclement weather lover! The wind has been howling all night, but it's really starting to pick up a little more now. It's nothing major.....but I do expect to see some pine cones and pine straw all over the yard when it's over......sure wish the leaves were changing, then I could get them all up at one time. Oh well!

Our poor neighbor put in new bulkheading this past summer....then, just two weeks ago, he had a pathway mulched all along the bulkhead. Now it's floating down the creek!! Here are some pics of the backyard:

This is a view of the neighbor's "floating mulch" from our yard.....I don't think that salty water is going to be very good for the 10 new crepe myrtles he planted all along the creek!!!

This is a view of our dock this morning.....the floor is under water about 3 inches. The tide this morning is pretty high, but we think that it will be the worst of it. It's supposed to rain and "gust" all day, so I'll let you know how the evening tide goes! Have a great day!!!

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