Friday, November 21, 2008

Dare to be Different - Make a Stand!

Literally.........I was bored the other night and was surfing some wedding websites and saw the most unique cake stand! I didn't save a picture of it, so I've been searching ever since trying to find it......and I did!

I'm not crazy about the twigs sticking up everywhere, but I thought the tree trunk as a cake stand for wedding in the outdoors was very creative! Many brides do pay close attention to this detail......and some take it just a bit too far!

Most are pretty traditional in their choices..........'s beautiful, but would probably only look right in a traditional setting. I find that alot of brides these days are anything but traditional. This generation's bride wants to put her own unique personality into her wedding......and I think the best way to do that is in the details! Some brides spend a fortune on cakes that feed 1000 for a guest list of 200 just to have the "WOW" factor when people walk in the room. I think you can do that just by being a little creative in choosing the base your cake sits on....look at some of these!

I love this!!! Right now I have a planter similar to this sitting on my front porch with a huge pumpkin on it.......I think it makes a statement. I think the cake is so much more beautiful on the planter than it would be just sitting on the table. And check this one out........

I think this is awesome! It would be gorgeous in an outdoor garden setting! And I think these would make great cake stands........

...this one has a vintage feel.......sitting on top of the cake table surrounded with votive candles, I think would be gorgeous. You could even add some floral touches!

This would look great at a wedding with an Oriental flair....

This one is perfect for a Texas wedding (not you, Shelby!!!)

This is soooo shabby chic!

Or you could take a tip from the show I saw the other night on CMT.....My Big Redneck Wedding......her cake stand was beer cans! Whatever your choice....whatever your personality....make it you! But don't forget the one else will either!


  1. I love this idea! How cool to make the stand fit with the theme.It's something I never thought of before. I'll be on the look out now!

  2. Fun, huh?!!! I love it, too....wish I'd thought of it in time for my wedding! :o(