Sunday, July 19, 2009

Dare to be different.....dare to be YOU!

As you all know, I'm all about weddings and I just love to see what fabulous, creative and new ideas others come up with to make their weddings special. HOW I wish I had gotten married during a time when it was all about having a wedding that is an "event" that everyone talks about for years to come....and one that completely reflects the couples style and personality. I'm actually amazed at how many "grooms" are actually getting involved in the wedding planning process and putting their "mark" on the day!
I just love THIS wedding.....CLICK HERE.
I love her shoes....I love her gown.......I love her headpiece.....I love the guys ties....I love the table cards....I love the centerpieces.....I love, love, love the photo booth idea they came up with.....not a real fan of the cupcakes versus a wedding cake, so their cake and cupcake combo was a compromise (I'd still have to have a multi tiered cake)...I love their venue....I love, love, love, love their photographer....and I love them! What a great couple!

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